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Safety Shoes Manufacturers

CABSON ENTERPRISES one of the leading Manufacturers of Safety Shoes Pune, and we have been in these industries for the last 20 years.Our designed Safety Shoes provide you with comfort and safety for your feet at an affordable price. 

CABSON ENTERPRISES is a Safety shoes manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and exporters in Pune. They offer exceptional quality, a distinct look, water resistance, and slip resistance, as well as toe protection, ensuring that the shoes deliver on our promises.


CABSON ENTERPRISES are safety shoes manufacturers and suppliers where we prioritise our customers, whether they are workers or labourers, by ensuring comfort while working. 

The main challenge for the industrial sector is to protect workers from a variety of hazards, such as shock. 

In a short period of time, we have become safety shoes manufacturers in Pune using cutting-edge technology. Available in different sizes, colours, models and specifications, our safety shoes are broadly used while working at hazardous sites.


We are equipped with the latest equipment and machinery which secures you from all hazards and keeps you up to date on Safety Shoes in all industries.

Our leading Safety Shoes Manufacturers in Pune provide various kinds of safety shoes for different industries, like gumboots and PVC safety shoes suitable for construction, chemical, and oil & gas industries, as well as significant growth in the industry in and around India due to our exceptional quality.

We believe in making High-Quality Safety Shoes Manufacturers in Pune. Which help you to make comfort as well as durable?

Safety Shoes in Pune is Footwear which is important for any part of industrial job. If you are working in production and construction then there are so many challenges for you so Safety Shoes in Pune protect labour from any injuries, sharp object and electrical shock while working then it is most important to wear Safety Shoes Manufacturers.

Safety Shoes Manufacturers offer better cushioning (able to protect against puncture and electric shock and other foot injuries) that is pump air into the shoe sole for extra cushioning.

We are providing Safety Shoes Manufacturers in Pune which will last longer in which you save money for the long term. Safety Shoes Suppliers in Pune are best to invest in superior footwear by ensuring to save occupational alignment like disorder and also maintain your health.

Safety Shoes Manufacturers/Suppliers/Dealers/Exporters in Pune

Safety Shoes & Its Applications

Gumboots & PVC Safety:

Gumboots, & PVC Safety Shoes are suitable for Construction, Cement Industry, Chemical industry, Oil & Gas Industry

Heat Resistant Gumboot :

Electrical shock absorbent or heat resistant gumboot is mostly used in electrical Industry to protect worker from electric shock.

Duck Back Safety Shoes:

Duck back Safety Shoes which are made using rubber generally used in Construction field, hospitals, labs, and other industries.

Antistatic Safety Shoes:

Antistatic Safety Shoes are widely used for painting works, pharma, nylon works, rubber and plastic injection mould works to avoid risk of slipping and skidding.