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Safety Footwear

CABSON ENTERPRISES is one of Chennai’s leading Safety Footwear/Safety Shoes Chennai/Safety Footwear Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Exporters, Distributors, and Stockist in Chennai Company in the business of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Since the last two decades

Safety Footwear/Shoes, personal Safety and Security have become extremely important in every industry and construction site. It protects your feet from unwanted injuries, troubles, impact compression, and other hazards while working.

According to these hazards you must have chosen the Best-Quality Safety Boots or Footwear from the most leading Safety Footwear Manufacturers in Chennai.


CABSON ENTERPRISES, a prominent safety footwear manufacturer and supplier in Chennai, provides customised footwear in numerous sizes, lengths, and colours for wide industrial applications. Industrial safety footwear and construction Safety Shoes and Footwear are included.

They are broadly demanded in the market due to their anti-skid, oil resistant, light weight, flexibility, high gripped and rubber sole properties.


We are the Safety Footwear/Shoes Revolution. Wearing Safety Footwear S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7 Safety Shoes in Chennai will not only keep you safe from point A to point B, but it will also keep your feet safe from a variety of conditions that might cause pain. On the bottom of your shoes, there are stones, dirt, and hot temperatures, and a good pair of Safety Shoes manufacturers can help you with that.


We are Safety Footwear/Shoes manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters, distributors, and stockists in Chennai who work in a factory. There are a variety of issues to deal with, including hard and effort. work by taking care of it.

We make Safety footwear/shoes in Chennai that can stand up to long periods of time and lightweight shoes that are updated with technology to provide you with more comfort while on the job.

Safety Footwear/Shoes manufacturers in Chennai include various types of footwear according to the industry, which helps in saving time by selecting the best option, and our exceptional quality gives our customers confidence.

However, there are some of the features that can make our shoes even better with a particular function and offer extra protection in oily Safety footwear or shoes Manufacturers in Chennai provide surface-sharp objects with shock grip, designed for extra comfort.

We fitted the worker with the proper safety footwear. Safety shoes manufacturers in Chennai ensure comfort and safety in a variety of hazard zones.

Safety Footwear - Applications

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Cement industry
  • Pharmaceutical
Safety Footwear Manufacturers in Chennai

Safety Footwear- Features

Rough and premium materials used to protect feet.

Oil and chemical resistant that prevents to fall down from oily or any surfaces.

Puncture and cut resistance to protect feet from sharp objects.

Electrical resistant shoes help to avoid absorbs shocks from electricity.

High gripped sole to work at wet places.

We are one of the topmost industrial safety shoes manufacturers in Chennai.

These shoes are especially designed in order to provide extra comfort.

Highest durability while working at industries.